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Adobe Systems

These educational resources are provided by corporate sponsors of ASMP, offering you a convenient way to access information relevant to professional photographers.


Now’s the time for you to get up-to-speed on Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3. Adobe and members of our extended community have educational events this fall that you will want to know about. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but gives a preview of just some educational programs available nationally.


Adobe MAX 2010
October 23 - 27, Los Angeles, CA
Learn directly from the experts at Adobe MAX 2010. Every year attendees tell us that MAX exceeds their expectations for the quality of the sessions and the value of the information they receive. MAX 2010 includes some of the best and brightest speakers in the business community, who will inspire you with their groundbreaking work. Discover the latest tools and techniques at more than 300 sessions and labs. Register now for special pricing and for the best chance to secure your place in popular sessions and hands-on labs. Get all the info at


Adobe TV
See all the new free training and tutorial videos on Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. See Russell Brown, Julieanne Kost, Tom Hogarty, and Bryan O’Neil Hughes as they explain all the new features and how you can use them.


Two Shots of Photoshop Tour — Seven cities this fall.
Take two Photoshop legends, stir in photographic artistry, heavy splashes of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, and pour on top of rock-solid, time-saving techniques and you have a night that will spin your mind and rocket your work to the next level!


Kelby Training — Live and online training content, Books and DVDs.


Photoshop Café — Online and DVD training content.


D-65 Lightroom Workshops — Monthly live Lightroom workshops and web training.


Lightroom Workshops — Full schedule of live Lightroom workshops across the US.


Lightroom Workflow Workshops — Live Lightroom workshops across the US.


Lightroom Photographer Profiles


Photoshop Stories


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